There are many best banks in Texas that offers a wide range of financial products and financial services, and manage the client’s accounts using advanced tools and technologies that reduce the chances of fraud and cyber-attacks.

According to the most recent report from official sources, Charles Schwab and JPMorgan Chase are the largest banks in Texas.

List Of Largest Banks In Texas

Following are the top 10 largest banks in Texas by total assets, deposits, branches, and customer satisfaction (Out of 1000).

RankBank Name Total Assets In ($ Billion)Deposits Branches In TexasSatisfaction Score (1000)
1Charles Schwab $7,500$2,100Nearly 15751
2JPMorgan Chase $3,700$1,600493669
3Bank of America $2,750$1,550339666
4USAA Federal Savings Bank$92$81Limited760
5Comerica Bank$87$65127670
6Wells Fargo$1,850$1,300529644
7BBVA USA$105$8215790
8FROST Bank$42$34174754
9Texas Capital Bank$43$2927800
10Prosperity Bank$36$28290667
Biggest Banks In Texas

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General FAQS

What is the biggest bank in Texas by total assets?

Charles Schwab is the largest bank in Texas with total assets of $7,500 billion USD.

Which bank has more branches in Texas?

Wells Fargo with 529 is the largest bank in Texas in terms of most branches.

Which bank is most famous in Texas and why?

Wells Fargo is the most famous bank in Texas because of the more branches and ATMS.

Which is the oldest bank in Texas?

Texas National Bank is the oldest bank in Texas which was founded in 1865, the headquarter of the bank is in Jacksonville, Texas.

Which is the best bank in Texas in terms of customer satisfaction?

The majority of the people choose the Texas Capital Bank when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Which is the best bank to work for in Texas for future growth?

FirstCapital Bank of Texas is a considerable option when talking about future growth or for a bright career.

Is Texas Capital Bank the most trusted bank in America?

No doubt, it is one of the most trusted banks in America which was founded in 1998 and also won the title of America’s Most Trusted Company in 2022.

Which two are the richest banks in Texas?

Charles Schwab and JPMorgan Chase & Co are the richest banks in Texas that own total assets of $7,500 and $3,700 billion USD respectively.