Banks in Oklahoma are increasing their boundaries back to back in terms of physical locations and assets, and deposits.

If we talk about the largest banks in Oklahoma by branches then BancFirst and Arvest Bank are the biggest banks in Oklahoma with nearly 90 and 75 branches across the state.

If we talk about the Major banks in Oklahoma by assets then Bank of Oklahoma and MidFirst Bank are the most popular banks in Oklahoma that occupies $48 and $37.2 billion of USD in assets.

Top Banks In Oklahoma By Most Branches

Here is the list of the top 10 largest banks in Oklahoma by total branches crossway the state.

RankBank Name Branches (Nearly)
2Arvest Bank75
3MidFirst Bank 50
4IBC Bank 45
5RCB Bank44
6Bank of Oklahoma42
7City National Bank & Trust 37
8First United Bank 34
9Chase Bank 27
10Armstrong Bank 25
List Of Best Banks In Oklahoma

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General FAQS

Which is the largest bank in Oklahoma by deposits as per the recent record?

Bank of Oklahoma is the most popular bank in Oklahoma with a total deposit of $35.5 billion USD as per the recent record of 2022.

Which is the largest privately owned bank in Oklahoma by total assets?

MidFirst Bank is the largest privately owned financial institution in Oklahoma that occupies $37.2 billion of USD assets.

Which is the first bank owned by black in Oklahoma?

First National Bank of Boley is the first black-owned bank in Oklahoma state, United States.

Which is the largest revenue-making bank in Oklahoma?

Bank of Oklahoma is the biggest revenue-making financial institution in Oklahoma. The bank recently made a total revenue of $2 billion USD.

Which is the biggest bank in Oklahoma by number of employees?

Arvest Bank is the best-ranking bank in terms of more employees. The bank has nearly 6,324 employees working crossway the state and country.