Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited is one of the largest banks in the world by revenue which is $222.064 billion as per recent records. The second largest bank is the China Construction Bank, which made $200.447 billion, and the third largest bank is the Agriculture Bank of China, which made $181.442 billion in revenue.

These top 10 bank makes a total revenue of $1249.602 billion of which $837.25 billion of revenue is only generated by the Chinese banks, $303.46 billion by the USA banks, and $195.881 by France banks.

largest Banks In The World By Revenue

Following is the list of the top 10 world’s biggest financial institutions that make more revenue every year.

Current Position Bank Name CountryRevenue In Billion
1Industrial and Commercial Bank of China LimitedChina 222.064
2China Construction BankChina 200.447
3Agriculture Bank of ChinaChina181.442
4Bank of ChinaChina152.418
5JPMorgan Chase & CoUSA127.202
6Credit AgricoleFrance108.892
7Bank of America USA93.851
8BNP ParibasFrance86.989
9Wells FargoUSA82.407
10Postal Savings Bank of ChinaChina80.879

The highest revenue was reported by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited at $222.447 billion while the lowest revenue was reported by the Postal Savings Bank of China at 80.879. Both banks are operating in China.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited increased by more than 6% plus revenue by introducing new projects such as Emergency Material Management System, and other quality development systems.

The growth of the other banks is also rapidly increasing because of digital banking and banking services.

General FAQS

Do a large amount of revenue an indicator of the highest market capitalization?

Market capitalization is dependent on the market share price, financial performance, and interest income, so yeah revenue can impact the market capitalization.

Does a large number of deposits an indicator of the highest revenue-making banks?

It can be a favorable indicator for more revenue because of the tax on the deposit.

Where is the headquarter of the Postal Savings Bank of China?

PSBC is a commercial retail bank that was founded in the year 2007, and the headquarter of this bank is in Beijing, China. The bank has the most branches across the globe.

Is MUFG the largest bank by revenue?

MUFG is the largest bank in Japan which was founded in the year 2006 with the collaboration of Bank of Tokyo, Mitsubishi LTD, and UFJ Bank LTD.

What is the revenue of China Everbright Bank Co LTD in 2022?

The bank made a revenue of $22.47 billion in the year 2022 which was less as compared to the previous 2021 when the bank made $23.62 billion in revenue.

Which is the highest revenue-making bank in Japan?

Mitsubishi UFJ financial group is the highest revenue-making bank in Japan. other banks that also make a good revenue are listed below:

  • Mizuho Financial Group
  • Norinchukin Bank
  • Japan Post Bank, etc.

Which banks generate more revenue in the USA?

JPMorgan Chase & Co and Bank of America are the highest revenue-making banks in the USA that are also considered as the secure banks of the United States. These banks are also listed as the biggest banks in the world that have more employees.