Are you looking for the top banks in Pennsylvania? Here is the answer to your question. As per the most recent report from the official sources, the PNC Bank and Citizens Bank are the largest banks in Pennsylvania with nearly 280 and 265 branches respectively.

List Of Most Popular Banks In Pennsylvania

There are many best banks in Pennsylvania that are considerable when opening a bank account or investing money.

The followings are the list of the top 10 largest banks in Pennsylvania that are continuously growing in terms of physical locations and market shares.

PNC Financial Group

PNC is one of the top financial institutions in Pennsylvania that operates crossway the state with 280 branches and nearly owns 24.5% of the market share. PNC is the most popular bank in Pennsylvania and the bank is also famous for its high market capitalization.

Citizens Bank

Another leading financial institution in Pennsylvania operates in the state with nearly 265 physical locations and owns nearly 7% of the market share.

The bank is famous for its large number of employees which is nearly 20,000. Citizens bank plays an essential role in the development of the state and country by providing employment.

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is the top-ranking bank in Pennsylvania and operates in more than 150 plus cities in Pennsylvania with approximately 200 branches. Currently, the banks own 8% of the market share.

First National Bank

One of the oldest banks in the United States that was founded in 1864. Currently, the bank owns 4% of the market share and is operating in the state with nearly 185 physical locations.

Truist Bank

No doubt, it is one of the major banks in the world, and currently, the bank owns 3% of the market share in Pennsylvania. Truist Bank is operating in 116 plus cities of the state with nearly 156 branches.

M&T Bank

M&T Bank stand for Manufacturer and Trader Trust Company which was founded in 1856. The first president of the company was Henry Martin.

Currently, M&T operates all over the state with 135 offices and occupies nearly 2.7% of the market share.

Fulton Bank

One of the oldest banks in the USA which was founded in 1882. The bank is the subsidiary of Fulton Financial Corporation. The bank operates crossway the state with 105 locations and occupies 2.5% of the market share.

Banks In PA

First Commonwealth

With 95 branches in 68 plus countries, First Commonwealth is one of the largest banks in Pennsylvania. The bank was founded in 1934 and the headquarter of the bank is in Indiana, PA. The current president of the bank is Thomas M. Price.


Another USA oldest bank which was founded in 1825 in Albany, New York. The bank is a subsidiary of keycorp which is an American regional bank.

Currently, the bank operates in 68 cities in Pennsylvania with nearly 90 plus branches and occupies 1.6% of the market share.

Santander Bank

A sovereign bank that is the subsidiary of Santander Group (A Spanish Company). The bank is operating in Pennsylvania, USA with approximately 87 plus branches in 60 plus different cities of the state, and occupies 3.4% of the market share.

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