You will be amazed to know that there are more than 5 top banks in the USA that are listed as the largest banks in the world by market capitalization while the other 5 belong to China which has the biggest market capitalization as per recent records.

The biggest bank in the United States by market cap is JPMorgan Chase & Co with $393.343 billion whereas, in China, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the largest bank by market cap with $225.11 billion.

JPMorgan Chase & Co stands at 1st position on the list of largest banks in the world by market capitalization and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China stands at the second position. These banks are also listed as the highest revenue-making banks in the world and have large amounts of deposits across the globe.

List Of The 20 Largest Banks In The World By Market Capitalization

Here are the other banks that are also listed on the list of top 20 banks by market Capitalization.

RankBank Name Country Market Cap ($ Billion)
1JPMorgan Chase & CoUSA393.343
2Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinChina225.11
3Bank of America USA223.49
4China Construction Bank China166.43
5Agriculture Bank of China China160.63
6Wells FargoUSA157.33
7Charles SchwabUSA155.42
8Morgan Stanley USA143.69
9Bank of ChinaChina138.45
10China Merchants BankChina136.09
11Royal Bank of Canada Canada 134.99
12CM BankChina126.11
13HDFC BankIndia 125.82
14Commonwealth BankAustralia 117.26
15Toronto Dominion BankCanada 108.48
16Goldman Sachs USA108.47
18Al Rajhi BankSaudi Arabia 80.02
19Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Japan78.03
20BNP Pribas France 77.30

Which is the current largest bank in the world by market capitalization, and which was the previous one?

JPMorgan Chase & Co is the current largest bank in the world by market cap with $393.343 billion whereas in 2016 the largest bank in the world by market cap was Wells Fargo & Co with $254.2 billion. Both banks are also listed as the highest investment revenue-making banks in the world.

What are the main factors that put up the bank’s market capitalization?

There are many factors that contribute to market capitalization. Some of the internal factors that put up on the market cap are financial performance, rate of interest, and share price and position in the market, and some external factors also affect the market cap such as economic conditions and regulatory authorities and environment.

What to do for keeping the market capitalization favorable?

Market capitalization depends on so many factors but some of the major challenges that banks usually face when keeping market cap favorable or stable to run in the global financial industry are:

  1. Increasing strict regulations because of its size
  2. See the issue of cybersecurity and a large number of branches
  3. Advancement in technology also affects sometimes
  4. Economic conditions can be tough to handle
  5. Always a risk to brand reputation
  6. Issue of a large number of employees, etc.