The size of a bank does not show the actual performance of a bank nor it is an indicator of the highest assets value. Many top financial institutions are going digital and reducing their physical presence for saving their overheads, so identifying a bank on the bases of branches is not necessary nor it is a sure indicator of success.

According to a recent report, the Postal Savings Bank of China and the Agriculture Bank of China are the largest banks in the world by branches with more than 40,000 and 23,000 branches respectively across the globe.

Top 20 Largest Banks That Have Large Network Of Branches

However, physical branches play a vital role in customer satisfaction and the prevention of fraud. Here is the list of the top 20 largest banks in the world by branches.

RankBank Name CountryTotal Branches (Nearly)
1Postal Savings Bank of ChinaChina40,000 plus
2Agriculture Bank of China China23,000 plus
3State Bank of India India 22,000 plus
4Industrial and Commerical Bank of ChinaChina 16,500
5China Construction BankChina13,500
6Banco Santander Spain11,500
7Bank of ChinaChina10,500
8Credit Agricole France 7,800
9Wells FargoUSA7,200
11BNP Paribas France 6,000
12Banco BradescoSouth America 5,000
13Banco do Brasil South America5,400
14JPMorgan Chase & Co USA5,100
15Itau Unibanco South America 4,800
16Bank of America USA4,200
19Bank of Commuications China2,800
20Barclays UK1,600

General FAQS

Does a large number of branches an indicator of the highest revenue-making bank?

The revenue is not dependent on the number of locations but depends on the quality of service and using resources in an effective manner.

Do a large number of locations show a favorable market capitalization?

The highest market capitalization is not dependent on the size of a bank but depends on the market share price and financial performance.

Does the size of a bank an indicator of a secure bank?

The size of the bank is important in accessing the resources and customer service, but it is a favorable symbol that shows the low risk of fraud.

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