Social and demographic factors |Practice questions |F1/FBT ACCA

Organizations must be aware of social and demographic factors since they have a different impact on them. In this post, we will practice for Social and demographic factors questions.

Q1. the studying of the population in relation to the size and characteristics is known as?

  1. Social responsibility
  2. demographic
  3. Environment
  4. Community

Q2. __ try to predict how they will impact their operations: social structure, values, attitudes, and tastes.

  1. Social responsibility
  2. demographic development
  3. Environment development
  4. Social development

Q3. As the societal structure changes, it will increase the degree of consumer spending on goods or services provided by organizations.

Select the correct term for this definition.

  1. Social responsibility
  2. demographic structure
  3. Environmental structure
  4. Social structure

Q4. A society’s collective ___ also impacts the type of goods requested and the level of demand.

  1. Attitudes
  2. Values
  3. Testes
  4. Population

Q5. Customers nowadays are “value maximizers” who seek high-quality goods and services. It is __.

  • Attitudes
  • Values
  • Testes
  • Population

Q6. According to the preferences of their clients, mobile phone makers develop phones that are simpler, medium, or more complicated. It is ___.

  1. Attitudes
  2. Values
  3. Testes
  4. Population

Q7. Governments in ___ countries may strive to lower population size and growth rates by limiting the number of births, similar to China’s ‘One Child Policy.

  1. Over polluted
  2. Overpopulated
  3. pollution less
  4. Lower population

Q8. Governments in __ areas might encourage immigration by loosening immigration regulations and providing tax credits to families.

  1. Over polluted
  2. Overpopulated
  3. less-populated

Q9. The government could also finance __ services in order to minimize mortality risk.

  1. Medical and health
  2. Bank loan
  3. Tax
  4. Transport

Q10. High-income households may face (A)______ because of their income and consumption of goods and services, while low-income households may receive (B)_____.

  1. (A) higher taxes (B) subsidies
  2. (A) subsidies (B) higher taxes
  3. (A) subsidies (B) Lower tax
  4. (A) Lower tax (B) subsidies


  1. demographic
  2. Social development
  3. Social structure
  4. Values
  5. Attitudes
  6. Testes
  7. overpopulated
  8. less-populated
  9. medical and health
  10. higher taxes (B) subsidies

Hopefully, you like these practice questions for “Social and demographic factors”, Do practice more and more as much as you can.

Whether ACCA F1 is the easiest paper but if you think that you can pass the exam without practice then you have to face many difficulties during your exam time.

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