Why people are looking for the safest bank to store money in? Do you have any idea? No! that’s fine. People who are sensitive to their money always look for the best place to keep their money safe.

If you are living in California, USA then this post may help you to know about the safest banks in California that can be a good option for your money.

List Of The Safest Banks In California

The followings are the best banks in California that are chosen by the majority of people in terms of saving money.

Safest Banks In California

Union Bank

A California-based commercial bank that was founded in the year 1864. Union Bank offers different financial services such as personal and business banking, except this, it also provides wealth management and investment services as well.

This bank has 280 plus branches in California state which make it one of the good choice for investors and customers in California. 

Bank Of The West

Another great option for securing money is the Bank of the West. The headquarter of this bank is in San Francisco, California, United States.

Do you know Bank of the West is the largest bank in the Western United States? If No then must remember for the next time.

The bank was founded in 1874 and provides various financial services to businesses and individuals. The bank provides the following services:

  • Personal and online banking
  • Business Banking
  • Investment opportunities
  • Money management services, etc.

Bank of the West branches are 500 plus along with the ATM services but in California, there are more than 230 branches of the Bank of the West.

Mechanics Bank

One of the largest independent banks based in Walnut Creek, California which found in 1905. The bank has more than 30 plus branches in California and offers both personal and commercial banking. The bank offers the following services:

  • Saving account
  • Loan
  • Credit Card
  • Mobile Banking and wealth management services

If you are living in the state of California and looking for an independent commercial bank then Mechanics Bank might be the right choice for you because their customer support is quite a good feature.

Comerica Bank

One of the widely chosen options for many clients is Comerica Bank which has more than 97 branches in operation in the state of California, United States.

This bank provides personal and commercial banking with so many services such as online banking, checking and saving accounts, loan, wealth management, credit cards, and other services.

The bank is well known for its expert services as they have qualified and skillful employees who guide the clients in every aspect of the banking system.

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Other cool services are international banking, treasury management, and merchant service. Choosing the Comerica bank for securing money is quite a good option.    

California Bank & Trust

San Diego, California-based commercial bank that was founded in the year of 1998. The bank has more than 86 plus branches in the state and provides both personal and commercial banking.

The cool features of the bank are checking and saving accounts, credit cards, loan, and mobile banking.

One of the best features of this bank is they donate and support the local NGOs and charitable organizations which makes this bank very catchy in the vision of clients. The bank is one of the best and safest banks in California for saving money.

First Citizens Bank

One of the most secure banks that operate in the United States. This bank has many branches across the USA including in California. This is a national bank that operates in almost all the states of the USA with more than 500 branches of which more than 65 branches are operating from California.

The bank offers personal and commercial banking services. Some of the cool services of this bank are the followings:

  • Mobile Banking
  • Personal and Business Loan
  • Credit Card Service
  • Wealth Management service
  • Current and saving accounts

Note: must verify with the official authorities before taking any decision.

General FAQS

Which is the best bank in California for checking accounts?

JPMorgan Chase & Co bank is a good option in terms of checking accounts and other banking services as well. The bank is the highest revenue-making bank and also one of the biggest banks in the world.

Which is the best bank to open an account in California?

US Bank and Wells Fargo both options are considerable. These both banks have a favorable market capitalization and billions of deposits with thousands of branches across the world.

What are the safest commercial banks in central California?

California Bank & Trust and First Citizens Bank are good options to go with safe banking.

Can I get a personal loan in California?

Yes! Anyone who is eligible for the loan can take the loan but make sure to check the requirements before going ahead. (Read our free guide to using personal a loan).

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