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How to start Affiliate Marketing

Are you looking for online earning? here is the best option of affiliate marketing which will definitely help you to earn handsomely. let’s talk about “How to start Affiliate Marketing”.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of earning by promoting other person’s goods or services.

In other words we can say that you find a product that you like then you promote that product to others and earn a little profit for each sale that you make.

Affiliate Marketing works by spreading the product awareness.
In this process three parties must be involved,

  1. Seller and product creators.
  2. The affiliate or advertiser.
  3. The consumer.

Once you sale a product then you earn commission on each sale you make.

How to start Affiliate Marketing

If you are beginner in “Affiliate Marketing” then always remember it is not easy to be successful in a short time but yeah if you are enough intelligent and know the strategies of affiliation world then you are the one of successful affiliate marketer.

So let’s move toward our main topic “How to start Affiliate Marketing”.

Spread Link

If you are new and you did not spread yet then this time is to spread your branches. Know you are thinking “How to spread branches”?

What we are using frequently?

Now you are confusing!

We are using “Social Media” like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and others.

You can start affiliate marketing on these social media platform and can earn more than of your expectation.

How to start Affiliate Marketing on Social Media

What you need after you make your connection with “Affiliate Marketing platform” such as Amazon Association, ShareAsale and any other.

You just need to create a page on your each social media and maintain it very attractive and fill every information which a reader need to know about you services.

Give awareness of a product which you promote and give reviews as well, So your reader will know that this person is real and indirectly you are helping people to select best product or service for them.

Just by making your page will not help you to earn but if you work a little and make your connection with people then surely you will make such a handsome income.

Remember that you have to build a secure link with your reader means promote that product which you use yourself so you can give better review for that particular product.

This is very easy way to make a secure and a successful connection with your reader.

Your first priority should be your readers satisfaction.

How to start Affiliate Marketing with Website

If you have your own site it does not matter whether you have wordpress site or blogger or any other site you can start affiliate marketing.

Now your question will be “How to start“?

As already mentioned above once you register with affiliate marketing platform then you can start easily, Let’s see how?

What you have to do?

Write article about that particular product and tell your reader about that product.

You need to write each and everything true so you can be able to win your reader trust as said above your reader satisfaction should be your first priority.

How to start Affiliate Marketing business for beginners

If you are new on the way of affiliate marketing platform then follow this strategy.

Decide a platform

First of all you have to decide a specific platform which you think that you can work better on that. choosing right platform is mattering much because it can grow you and can decline you as well so when you choose platform for affiliate marketing then be careful of choosing the right platform.

Choose your niche

Another important factor for success is the right niche, before starting affiliate marketing you must know your niche means what make you different.

Choose affiliate program

choose program for affiliate marketing which you think you can do comfortably without any worries.


Content is the key of success so as said on top of the article that you should always write true so reader can trust you.

Just making content is not enough but making unique or true content impacts a lot, So not just make content but true content.


When you make true content then of course people will like that and you can make 100% unique visitors.

Get Clicks

So of course once you made your unique image in people eyes then they will clicks on your given link and probably purchase that product that will help you to earn commission.

You should share content not just on your site but on all social media platform so you can get more clicks.

Convert Clicks into Sales

Now you have enough audience for clicking on your articles ads, whenever someone clicks on yours ads they might be like that product and purchase it through your link and you will get commission once it sold.

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