How many of you people know about forex trading maybe many of you know about trade but what is forex trade? Here in this article, we will look at the key points of forex trading.

Forex trading is growing rapidly and it is one of the most running and profit-making businesses nowadays.

What Is Trading?

Trading is the process of buying and selling goods and services, In other words, trading is the process of exchanging values. Trading is very necessary for a country’s growth as it fulfills the need of people whether in form of goods exchange or money exchange

What Is Forex Trading?

Forex is the other name of FX which means exchanging currency on the national level. Forex (FX) is spreading day by day as the world is digital now and this is the era of eCommerce. Forex is the name of exchanging international currency online bitcoin and Ethereum are usually used in forex trading.

What Is Online Forex Trading

You can do forex online, Following are the some of the platforms where you can start Forex trading online. These platforms are secure to use and they are widely used for trading.

On these platforms, you can earn much more than your expectation through trading but remember winning and losing is in your hand.

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Start Forex Trading Online With These Platforms

Forex trading is now possible on the internet, you can do trading online by using applications. Following are the platforms where you can start trading and they are also offering applications for trading.

CMC Markets For Forex 

Start forex trading with CMC Markets which is a publicly traded company founded in 1989. It offers low cost as compared to other brokers. CMC Markets has more than 10,000 tradable instruments. Forex, indices, and share treasuries are some of the instruments offered by CMC. Their application name is NextGeneration

LCG (London Capital Group) A Good Platform To Start Forex Trading

It is one of the major forex broker companies in the U.K and offers a wide range of asset classes and a seamless experience for trading. It has 5000 different instruments from 7 different asset classes. LCG was founded in England in 1996. No doubt London Capital Group is one of the leading brokers in the United Kingdom. Their application name is LCG Trader.

Saxo Capital Markets For Forex Trading

Saxo Capital Markets provides online trading and investment management service. It provides trade FX, CFDs, stocks, and ETFs and has options for online trading platforms. It is a financial industry that was founded in 2010. Saxo is a growing company and it will beneficial for you to trade here. Their application name is SaxoTraderGO.

XTB Online Trading For Forex Trading

This is an online brokerage that provides customer CFD (Contract-for-Difference) trading and forex (FX) as well. XTB provides the following platforms,

  • xStation 5
  • xStation Mobile
  • MetaTarget4 (MT4).

It has more than 1,500 instruments and has a demo account option as well among three platforms. It provides you with a demo account for 4 weeks and the demo credit is 100,000. This company was founded in 2002 and its headquarter is in Poland.

Note: Before using these platforms must go to their official website and learn everything about their assets and must read and understand their terms and conditions.

How To Start Forex Trading As A Beginner

If you are a beginner and want to learn or start forex trading then must remember, it is not easy to become an expert in this field but yeah at least you can understand the basic concepts and strategies to become successful in this field. Follow these simple tricks to start your learning journey.

Choose the platform

Choose the platform where you want to start with trading, when choosing the platform must check their commission rates and what they are providing to the clients.

Use the demo account

It is one of the hottest features of many FX trading apps, must use this before doing real trading because it will let you know how to make a bid on the stock. It will help you to know where you should buy the stock and where you should sell it.

Minimum deposit

Must remember when starting the real trade always do a minimum deposit as it will help you to know how much profit you can earn if you are spending minimum funds on the trading.

Internet Research 

Research is very important when buying or selling stock, must do your own research before making any decision related to your stock. You can do research on the internet by using live channels.


What are the best forex trading platforms to start trading?

There are different platforms to start forex trading, we recommend you search yourselves because all the platforms offer different services, and their charges and commission rates are also different but according to us Saxo Capital Market and CMS Market are the best platforms to start forex trading.

What is forex trading and how does it work?

Forex trading is the process of exchanging currency and it is working by buying and selling different currencies through the internet by using different platforms.

Which is the best forex trading app? 

Many applications are used across the world for FX trading but few of them are using more than others so they can be the best because people are loving to use them, they are the SaxoTraderGO app, IG trading app, and NextGeneration App.

How to start forex trade for beginners on phone?

Find the best broker that suits you, install their online application, make an account on the app and deposit the fund and start doing trade instantly.

Where you can find the best forex trading course?

There are dozens of platforms on the internet that offers courses on FX trading but we recommend Udemy for the FX trading course.

Can I learn the forex without any course? 

It is possible to learn the FX without any course, you can use other sources to learn such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Read the report every day on the internet, especially on those platforms that provide guidance about FX trading.