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Trading Forex Online

How many of you people know about the “trading forex online“? maybe many of you know about trade but what is forex trade? Do you ever hear about “forex trade”?

In this article i am going to guide you about forex trade and trading forex online.

What is trading?

Trading is the process of buying and selling of goods and services, In other words trading is the process of exchanging of values.

What is forex trading?

Forex is the other name of FX which is mean of exchanging of currency on the national level.

Forex (FX) is spreading day by day as world is digital now and it is the world of ecommerce.

Trading Forex Online

You can do forex online, here are some platforms where you can start trade.

These platforms are secure to use and they are widely using for trading forex online now a days.

On these platforms you can earn much more than your expectation through trading forex online but remember winning and losing is in your hand.

1. CMC Markets

CMC Markets is the publicly traded company which is found in 1989. It offers low cost as compare to other brokers.

CMC Markets has more than 10,000 tradeable instruments.

2. LCG (London Capital Group)

It is one of the major forex broker company of U.K offers a wide range of assets classes and a seamless experience for trading.

It has 5000 different instruments from 7 different assets classes. LCG was found in England in 1996.

3. Saxo Capital Markets

Saxo Capital Markets provides online trading and investment management service.

It provide trade FX, CFDs, stocks, ETFs and has options for online trading platform.

It is a financial industry which was found in 2010.

Saxo is growing company and it will beneficial for you to trade here.

4. XTB Online Trading

This is an online brokerage that provide a customer CFD (Contract-for-Difference) trading and forex (FX) as well.

XTB provide following platforms,

  • xStation 5
  • xStation Mobile
  • MetaTarget4 (MT4).

It has more than 1,500 instruments and has demo account option as well among three platforms.

It provide you a demo account for 4 weeks and the demo credit is 100,000.

This company was found in 2002 and it’s headquarter is in poland.

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