According to a recent report in the financial industry, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China are the largest banks in the world by net interest income with $2,044 and $802 billion respectively.

These banks are also listed as one of the most massive financial institutions by deposits, Employees, and also by the number of branches across the globe.

Interest income is the revenue that is generated by the projects, in which companies use the investor’s money and give them interest on annual bases.

List Of The 10 Largest Banks In The World By Net Interest Income

RankBank Name CountryInterest Income In $BillionInterest Expense In $Billion Net Internet Income In $Billion
1Mitsubishi UFJ Financial GroupJapan2,5885442,044
2Industrial and Commercial Bank of ChinaChina1,489682807
3China Construction Bank CorporationChina1,370613757
4Agriculture Bank of ChinaChina1,109519590
5Bank of China Limited China1,033490543
6JPMorgan Chase & CoUSA932667
7Bank of America CorporationUSA722052
8Wells Fargo & CoUSA54945
9HSBC Holdings PLCUK441826
10BNP Paribas   France 412021
Largest Banks In The World By Net Interest Income

General FAQS

Does the highest net interest income a good symbol for investment?

A positive net interest income shows that a company has the ability to invest wisely, thus it is a good sign for the investors to invest their money. But make sure to choose a secure bank.

Does the highest net interest income an indicator of the highest revenue-making banks?

A positive balance on net interest income shows that the company is making money from its investments, so it can be possible that banks with the highest interest income make more money as compared to those who have the lowest net interest income.

Does the high net interest income a good sign for market capitalization?

Market capitalization is depended on the financial performance of a company, so yeah, if a company is making more interest income then its share price will increase, and if the share price increases then the market capitalization will be positive.

Does the high net interest income depend on the size of the bank?

Interest income does not depend on the size of a bank but depends on investment strategies. If we look at the online banking platforms that only work online make a lot of interest income such as Ally Bank, a USA-based bank that has recently made $8 billion of net interest income. Even if the bank is small but it can make more interest income than large banks if its investment strategies and decisions are professional and experienced.