Introduction To Business

This article will help you to know about business basics and also there is a little introduction of marketing as well. Introduction to business will help you to known very basic of business as there are lots of definitions of business here you will find easy and rememberable definition of business.

Introduction To Business

Business is very important for human to move ahead in life. In “Introduction to Business” we will discuss,

  1. What is business?
  2. How many types of business?
  3. What is trade and how many types of trade?
  4. About marketing?
  5. What is transaction?

A good businessman first analyses these factors and then he will go to do business.

So let’s talk about,

What is Business?

“Business is an activity which is arranged for the purpose of gaining personal profit”.

“Business is the process of making wealth”.

“Manufacturing, selling, buying, trading and marketing is called business“.

Now talk about,

How many types of businesses?

If we talk about types of business then we cannot specify it but the major types of businesses are following:

  1. Sole proprietorship
  2. Partnership
  3. Company
  4. Cooperative Society.

1 Sole proprietorship: A business which is owned by a single person is called sole proprietorship.

2 Partnership: A business which is owned by two are more persons is called partnership.

3 Company: When business established on a large scale then company is the best choice.

We can define company as,

“An artificial being, intangible, invisible but existing according to law of company ordinance is called company”.

The owner of the company is it’s shareholders.

4 Cooperative Society: A group of persons or institutions who offers various services to it’s members is called cooperate society.

Now talk about,

What is trade and how many types of trade?

Trade is process of buying and selling.

There are two types of trade

  1. Home trade
  2. Foreign trade

Home trade: The trade which take place inside a country is called home trade.

Foreign trade: The trade which take place outside of the country is called foreign trade.

What is Marketing?

“Marketing is the process of moving goods or services from one place to another”.

“Moving of goods from point of production to point of consumption is called marketing”.

“Transferring of goods or services is called marketing”.

Now we have a final topic in this article and that is,

What is transaction?

Transaction is the process of exchanging  of values.

I hoped you like “Introduction to business” article and get some news ideas about business.

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