How to earn money from Facebook without any investment is a very hot topic that is firing on the internet. Here in this article, we will try to guide you about all the possible ways by which you can earn with Facebook without any investment.

Facebook is a digital marketing platform with billions of users across the world, the one and only platform that can be used for brand awareness at a very cheap expense. After reading this article you will be able to earn on Facebook.

How To Earn With Facebook?

You can earn by Facebook in two ways one is through advertisement and the second through affiliate marketing. You just need to keep patience to earn as “patience is the key to success”, so let’s begin with “How to earn with advertisement”.

How To Earn With Facebook Advertisement?

As you know that you can earn by showing ads on your website, Youtube channel, or on your blog but now you can also show ads on Facebook as well.

Now you have a question that how you can show ads on Facebook? So the answer is you can show ads on your Facebook page and that will be approved by Network Audience. Network audience is just like google AdSense, you can show ads through network audience on your Facebook page once it is eligible for monetization.

If you are a video creator then you can monetize your Facebook page. Requirements for monetization are followings:

  • Your Facebook page has a minimum of 10,000 followers or you have 10,000 likes on your Facebook page, not on your profile
  • In the last 60 days, your watch time should be 30,000 minutes
  • All followers must be true and active because with dead followers you can not earn even a single penny.

These are just two main requirements for page monetization and third for earning.

How To Earn With Facebook Instant Articles

If you are a publisher then you just need a website and then you can start to earn handsomely through this amazing feature of Facebook. Facebook shows ads on your articles once your page is ready for approval.

Facebook Instant Article is a new feature of Facebook that loads your articles faster than any other website so for that this is called Instant Article.

Requirement for monetization

  • You should have your own website or blog
  • You have at least 10 articles on your website that are well-optimized and user friendly
  • On your website, the minimum number of views should be 50,000
  • Your age should be 18
  • You must have a bank account

Once you are done with all these requirements you can start earning money.

How To Earn With Affiliate Marketing By Using Facebook?

Another way of earning on Facebook is to start affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular processes of earning, You can earn more than your expectation by working on affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process of promoting the goods or services of another person or company. From Facebook, you can earn a lot if you want, What do you all need?

Requirements of Affiliate Marketing

  • Join the Affiliate Marketing program (Amazon Affiliate Program).
  • You should have a website or blog.
  • You need to have a Facebook page.
  • Your website has at least 5000 to 10,000 unique visitors.

Once you have all the above-mentioned requirements then can earn more than you think but it depends on your patience or your hard work. The most important thing in affiliate marketing is to keep patience and honesty in yourself.

Share your content frequently on your Facebook page so more and more people visit the site and make purchases through affiliate links.

Facebook is very easy to earn but it does not mean you can earn without working you have to give time to your page, website, and your content.


Possible ways of earning money on Facebook without any investment and burden?

By making videos, having paid subscriptions, and posting sponsored content you can earn money on Facebook.

How to earn money from Facebook videos

If you have 10k followers and dozens of video content just look for an ads partner who offers their ads on Facebook such as in-stream ads, by using this ads method you can earn easily.

How much can I earn with a Facebook page with 1000 likes or followers

Earing on the Facebook page does not matter how many page likes you have, but it matters a lot how much people take interest in your content and how they engaged with your page. If people like your content then you can earn $1 to $10 per 1000 views and it can be possible with only 1000 page likes.

Is it possible to make $100 on Facebook each day?

Of course, in today’s world people are making thousands of dollars per day, so making $100 per day is not so tough all you need is a trusted audience and an active page.