What is F4 in ACCA?

F4 is one of the ACCA paper name “Business and corporate law”. In F4 we studies all the legal framework which is relevant to the business and therefore it is one of the important paper in ACCA.

Is F4 an easy paper in ACCA?

This is very common question among all the students who do ACCA. The answer of the this questions is nothing is easy or difficult in ACCA or in this world, All you need is hard practice and reading whole book at least 2 times.

Exam duration of F4 ACCA

F4 exam is a CBE exam (Computer base exam) and the duration for this exam is 2 hours. You can finish it before the time and can get your result instantly.

Corporate & business law passing ratio

About passing ratio may be no one can tell the exact ratio because it depends on country to country. Some countries have more passing ratios and some have low but in between 50 to 60% is normal passing ratio. and the passing marks of F4 is 50%.

How to Pass F4 (Corporate and business law)?

F4 is an “Applied Skill exam” and the level of difficulties are medium, so you can pass it with good practice and reading book. I recommend that you should read book at least more than 2 times. It will help you to pass the exam with good marks and knowledge.

Does ACCA f4 paper consists of all multiple choice questions?

F4 consist of 45 multiple choice question which covers 70 marks each question is worth 1 or 2 marks. The section B consist of 5 questions every question is of 6 marks.

F4 Exam fees

Globally the exam fee for this paper (F4 Corporate and business) is £114 but differ in countries currencies just like, In Pakistan it costs 26000 to 27000 thousands where as in US this might be in between $145 to $150.

Books for F4 ACCA

You can choose any book like BPP or KAPLAN, they both are good, you should choose according to your teste and understanding level. You can do F4 self or can choose an academy as well.

F4 syllabus for 2022

F4 syllabus cover these areas:

  • Essential elements of the legal system
  • The law of obligations
  • Employment law
  • The formation and constitution of business organizations
  • Capital and the financing of companies
  • Management, administration and regulation of companies
  • Legal implications of companies in difficulty or in crisis
  • Governance and ethical issues relating to business

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Applied Skills exams

There are six exams in this level, These are:

  1. Corporate and Business law (F4)
  2. Performance Management (F5)
  3. Taxation UK (F6)
  4. Financial Reporting (F7)
  5. Audit & Assurance (F8)
  6. Financial Management (F9)

Hopefully you find every basic and needful information about F4 “Corporate & business law”. If you like this post the must share it with others.

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